Coffee Beans Grinder

Coffee Beans Grinder




The most important tool in the coffee-making is the grinder.  Good beans deserve a good grind.  If we have already committed to buying quality coffee beans why not purchasing a quality grinder?

There are TWO (2) main types of bean grinders in the market, the burr grinder and the blade grinder.

The difference between a burr grinder and blade grinder
A blade grinder is what our grand parents were using in their old days, with a blade in the center like to a propeller, similar to a blender blade.

A burr grinder is constructed of two revolving abrasive surfaces, namely burrs, in between which the coffee bears are ground with a few beans at a time.  There are 2 types, the flat burr grinders and the conical burr grinders.  The distance between the surfaces can be adjusted which in turn will change the size of the grind.

The reason for coffee aficionados preferring to choose burr grinders over blade is that the beans are ground in a uniform size, and we have more control over the size of the grind than with a blade. A uniform ground is much harder to do in a blade grinder, especially if we are trying to do a coarser ground, which is why burr grinders are wholeheartedly recommended for anyone doing French press or pour overs.


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Heat generated in the grinding process can damage the beans.  The blade coffee bean grinders are not as expensive and don’t have a lot of noise to them but some of them do generate a little heat. Heat in the grinding process damages the beans by slightly re-roasting them.  However, the burr coffee grinders have less friction applied to the coffee beans, which avoids any burnt taste.  By using the burr coffee grinders, the oils and aroma are kept in; this results in a better tasting coffee.

Is The Size Of The Coffee Grounds Important
When we’re crushing your coffee beans, we better believe that size matters when it comes to making a really delicious cup of coffee. We want all the bean flavors to be released evenly.  Plus, finer grounds tend to reduce the essential oils.  The key to getting the best taste out of all our beans is to get the grinds that come out of the coffee bean grinder consistently shaped.

There are THREE types of Burr Grinder burr, namely flat, conical and DRM

The difference between Conical Burr Coffee Beans Grinders and Wheel/Flat Burr Coffee Beans Grinders
Conical burr coffee beans grinder spins slower, ensuring that the natural bean flavor is preserved. It’s not near as messy and is quieter because of the burr spin speed. In essence, this is the best kind of burr grinder.

Wheel/Flat burr coffee beans grinder produces a greater amount of noise because the wheels move quicker. They can become clogged and are messy. Of the two types, the wheel/flat burr coffee grinder is cheaper.

Conical burr grind gives us the ability to control how fine we need the beans to be grounded – coarse, fine, extra fine or regular. This kind of burr coffee beans grinder has a built-in timer so the grind can be set between five and 60 seconds.


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