How to Make Turkish Coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee



Steps in preparing Turkish Coffee:
1. Fill the Turkish Coffee Cup with water at room temperature and add it to the coffee pot, the Turkish Cezve. Turkish Coffee will be served in the same coffee cup.

2. Add 2 teaspoons (about 5 grams) of ground Turkish Coffee (about 5 grams) for each serving into the coffee pot. Its quantity can be adjusted according to personal taste.

3. Add sugar before cooking Turkish Coffee which differs from preparing other coffee. Add the amount of sugar preferred before putting the coffee pot on the stove. Turkish Coffee is usually served in 3 different types.
– No sugar (sade)
– medium sugar (orta şekerli) (add about 1 tsp of sugar=1 sugar cube)
– with sugar (şekerli).

3. After adding water, sugar and coffee start to cook Turkish Coffee.  Put the coffee pot on the stove, keep the fire at lowest and start stirring the mixture in the coffee pot with a spoon. Heat the coffee pot slowly until boiling point, usually taking around few minutes.
Caution: Do not leave the coffee pot on the stove as the coffee will boil quickly and overflow.

4. Turkish Coffee tastes much better with more coffee foam (froth). A layer of Turkish Coffee Foam will be formed in the coffee pot when the coffee pot starts heating up but before boiling. When the coffee starts to boil, take the pot off the stove, wait around 30 seconds, and put it back on the stove again, and repeat this steps.

5. If making more than one cup of Turkish Coffee share the foam evenly. After pouring the coffee into the coffee cups a typical Turkish Coffee is ready.

6. Serve Turkish Coffee with a glass of cold water. Since Turkish Coffee is all about socializing and hospitality, it is usually served with some Turkish Delight in combination.


How to Make Turkish Coffee
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