Japanese Melon – Part 2


Part 2


Shizuoka Crown Melon

The gift for the important people Japanese King of Fruits: Crown Melon Valuable flavor made by history

The melon has beauty of artistic form, fragrance with the scent of musk, plenty of juice, mellow taste, and smooth texture, which is the high-grade melon cultivated in Fukuroi city of Shizuoka prefecture, called “Shizuoka Crown Melon”. “Shizuoka Crown Melon” is cultivated with sophisticated techniques of growers and grown absolutely in greenhouses. In other words, the ultimate taste of “Shizuoka Crown Melon” ,which was born by outstanding virtuosity of professionals, has been taken over from generation to generation.

The melon has been presented to Japanese royal family for a long time and recognized as an elegant and prestigious fruit in Japan. Many VIPs also love Crown Melon. When the queen of United Kingdom came to Japan and ate Crown Melon, we got words of praise.


Crown Melon, 6 pcs, Grade: White, Approx. 7.8kg

The pinnacle of muskmelons! The highest level of melon that has passed a number of strict inspection standards made using cultivation techniques which have been nurtured through many years of tradition, and the cultivation method of “1 tree, 1 fruit”, where one tree is used to grow a single fruit only. Contains 6.

The crown melon production area is east of the Tenryu River in western Shizuoka Prefecture, located right in the middle of Japan. It is a place with a mild climate, fertile land and abundant clear streams. The Crown Melon Branch Area is a collection of regional greenhouse association members centered around Fukuroi that encompasses an area 15km north/south and 20km east/west that includes 3 cities (Iwata, Fukuroi, Kakegawa) and 1 town (Mori).



Shizuoka City (静岡市)

Shizuoka (静岡市, Shizuoka-shi, [ɕizɯꜜoka]) is the capital city of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and the prefecture’s second-largest city in both population and area. It has been populated since prehistoric times. As of 1 December 2019, the city had an estimated population of 690,881 in 106,087 households, and a population density of 489 persons per km².

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靜岡市(日語:静岡市/しずおかし Shizuoka shi */?)是一座位於日本中部東海地方靜岡縣中部的城市,也是靜岡縣縣廳所在地,並在2005年4月1日成為政令指定都市。靜岡市有人口約70萬人,是靜岡縣內面積和人口第二大都市(均位列濱松市之後)。靜岡市的轄區面積超過1,411平方公里,是日本面積第五大都市(位於高山市、濱松市、日光市、北見市之後),亦是都道府縣廳所在地中面積最大的城市。靜岡市下設葵區、駿河區、清水區三個區。現在的靜岡市是在2003年4月1日由舊靜岡市和清水市兩座都市合併誕生的。舊靜岡市是一座以駿府城為核心的城下町,而清水市則是一座港口都市。兩座城市之間有著鮮明的差異且中間有日本平相隔,使得靜岡市成為一座具有多樣特色的都市。



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Shizuoka Crown Melon


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