Turkish Coffee from Hafiz Mustafa

Turkish Coffee from Hafiz Mustafa


Address: Hobyar, Hamidiye Cad. D:84, 34080 Bahçekapı/Eminönü/Fatih/İstanbul, Turkish

Hafiz Mustafa, an out standing place for Turkish delights and coffee, is one of the oldest and the best delights shop in Turkey. This delights shop is as ancient as Turkish itself and as delicious as it is. There many choices on delight and desserts which are prepared fresh daily.

Goods sold there are very expensive. Also this is a great place to grab some turkish delights bringing back home for friends and families.


Hafız Mustafa 1864


Hafız Mustafa 1864 istanbul


View from Hafız Mustafa 1864


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Hafız Mustafa Tatlı Dükkanı / Çıldırdık
Hafiz Mustafa Sweet Shop / Crazy
哈菲茲·穆斯塔法糖果店 / 我們瘋了