Wine Legs

Do ‘wine legs’ mean a better wine?



What are wine legs?

The ‘legs’ of wine are the droplets forming along the edge of the glass, when swirling a wine.

Some believe that the appearance of them reflects the quality of the wine in the glass. The reality is that legs tell relatively little about the wine, and nothing about the quality of what’s in the glass’.

Tears are formed due to a combination of different forces – surface tension forces and intermolecular forces. It’s essentially caused by the gradual evaporation of alcohol in a water/alcohol solution.’

The only information that legs offer to the wine lover is that your wine contains alcohol. 

When swirling wine in glass, alcohol will first gather at the sides, then start to evaporate, while the water (and other molecules in the wine) will turn into droplets that will crawl back to the glass, like raindrops on a window.

This also means the temperature and humidity of the room that you’re tasting in will also affect the legs of the wine due to the evaporation rate of the alcohol.


What are Legs in Wine Tasting?
The science of wineglass tears (or wine legs)